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'sample' - Pokétalk
"sample" - Regular Speech


My eyes took a moment to adjust from the dark bidding room to the bright sunlight. The crisp winter air brushed past my fur, giving a refreshing wave over my body. I rubbed my eyes to get more used to the sudden change and looked through the top of the box and the bars. A much taller human held the box at his side, walking towards a smaller metal giant than the one before. It was a male, nearly three times my size. His fur on top of his head was well groomed, brown, and swept to the side. He looked fairly young in the face.

His Typhlosion was massive compared to me, towering over my small stature over twice my size. The dark blue pelt clashed with the cream underbelly. He was walking beside me and was exerting a heavy air of pure heat, suffocating the cool air that blew my way.

The three of us approached the metal giant aforementioned and one of the doors was clicked open. My box was set down and the Typhlosion crawled in through the door as well, sitting beside me. He steeled a grimace when he glanced my way. The human smirked as he shut the door behind us and walked over to another side. This time getting in himself, behind an apparatus that seemingly controlled the giant. He roared the machine to life and started to move the vehicle. I looked back over to the Typlosion who was staring mindlessly out the window as everything moved farther and farther away. I cleared my throat and began to speak to him.

‘Hello?’ I called

‘Shh.’ He muttered.

‘Why?’ I asked, in a whisper

‘Shh, or he’ll hear you and we’ll both be in trouble.’ he growled softly

‘Alright, alright, my name’s Broker, for future reference.’ I huffed, shifting in my box to a corner far away from the grumpy Typhlosion to get away from his bad mood and excessive body heat. I struggled to doze and began to grow bored in the hard box. I must of been trying to sleep for a few hours or had actually gotten some since the world outside was growing darker, with the sky bearing a crimson and lavender hue. I looked back over to Typhlosion who was still staring out of the window, deep in thought. Both of us were pulled out of our minds when the vehicle came to a violent jolt and stop. The both of us turned back to the human driving the metal giant, who turned to us as well.

“Pyre, take the newbie out, I’m sure they need to relieve themselves if they haven’t already.” He said sternly before pulling out of the metal giant and walking off.

'So your name’s Pyre, eh?' I said turning to the large fellow. He was digging in a wooden box and replied with a grumble. I crossed my arms and sat on my box’s floor, in a small protest. Pyre turned back to me with a glare, and something in his paw. He pushed open the door from the vehicle and let all the warm out with it to my relief. Crawling out, he pulled my box with him effortlessly and a few feet away from the vehicle. Looking outside the bars, I noticed some far off woods. I began to calculate an escape, hoping that Pyre was as sluggish as he’s been acting since the moment we’ve been together.

Pyre moved to unlock the bars of my box, I crouched as far as possible to gain enough momentum to escape his grasp and to give a good launch to my escape. As the bars opened, I sent myself flying and brushed past Pyre who looked at me in awe. I smirked as I landed in the grass effortlessly. Turning back to him, I called out,

‘Nice meeting you Pyre, have a nice life!’ before dashing off towards the woods. Gradually I picked up speed as I neared the trees, the fresh air filling my lungs and replacing the heat in my veins with the coolness. I then came to a halt and looked behind me to give one last look but was then surprised. Pyre was dashing towards me with incredible speed, something was also charging up close behind him, on his paw actually! My instincts kicked in and I began dashing again, this time fearing for my life. As I rushed my speed, I pushed myself onto all fours to speed up, but fell over. My arm was still healing poorly and caused me to trip and fall into agony. I cried out in pain as I fell and blacked out as my head came in contact with the ground.

I had began to come to and felt completely hot. Too much heat for a regular Sneasel to ever handle outside of regular territory. My body was trying to desperately cool the surrounding air, giving a fading mist around my body. I sat up, wincing at the pain in my head. An unfamiliar light weight surrounded my chest, feeling suffocating with the hot air. A rope that was flat and black wrapped around my chest and over and under my arms. Pyre was beside me again, glaring outside the window. We weren’t moving but back in the vehicle.

'W-what happened?…’ I grumbled as I sat up. Pyre turned his glare towards me, sending an uncomfortable shiver down my back. His funnels on his back began to glow a dangerous orange.

‘You tried to escape.’ he growled

‘What the hell do you expect me to do?’ I muttered quietly

‘Be compliant! Your nature is Jolly, and you should be compliant and Jolly!’ He threatened louder

‘Well maybe it’s a mistake! Or maybe I’m just a wild Pokémon that isn’t conformed to your bullshit!’ I yelled back

Pyre growled threateningly then turned back and rubbed the sides of his head with his paws. ‘Whatever, at least you have the harness on, so it’ll be less of a pain to get you around.’

‘So that’s what this thing is.’ I mumbled, pulling at the new object. I stood up, inspecting the surroundings. Then I noticed something, the bars were missing. I wasn’t in my box! ‘I’m not in my box? I’m not in my box!’ I cheered loudly. Pyre looked back at me irritated.

‘Yeah, keep that up and you’ll be back in the box.’ he growled. That shut me up. I sat back down and looked outside at the darkening world once more.


Hope you enjoyed!
XetaJTS Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Jerk, dang man should have escaped but of course that is not how it goes.Looking Up 
LarsInABox Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Still had substance!

It felt like Pyre held back a bit against Broker.
Of course he has a trainer, but wonder how he'd act if the situation was different!

Keep them coming!
CrisisSpades Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2017  Student General Artist
Will do as always!
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